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Welcome to my web site...
My name is 張顧耀 (Ku-Yaw Chang). I am now an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Da-Yeh University. I have been the director of Computer Center of Da-Yeh University since 2010/10. For more information about me, please click here.
Latest News Announcement
bullet Institutional Repository on Trial (2015/05/27)
bullet Case Study - DaYeh App, Intelligent Campus Conference,
TaiChung (National Library of Public Information), June 25, 2014.
bullet YouTube Downloader HD (2013/3/11)
bulletMarquis Who's Who in the World, 28ed, 2011.


bullet App Development (2015/03/09)
bulletITK/VTK Tools  (2014/12/1)
bulletCheck your submission status... (2013/06/10)
bullet Managing Videos on YouTube  (2013/03/20)
bullet IEEE Citation Style Guide (2012/12/29)
bullet Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (2011/04/23)
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bullet Cambridge Dictionary Online
bullet Google Scholar
bullet Majestic SEO
bullet Check your English name
bullet ITK 4.7.0 Documentation
bullet Insight Software Guide 4.5.0 (2014/3/9)
bullet InsightSoftwareGuide-Book1-4.6.0 (2014/10/13)
bullet InsightSoftwareGuide-Book2-4.6.0 (2014/10/13)
bulletVTK (Visualization ToolKit)
bullet 7.0.0 Documentation (2014/12/30)
bullet Latest version : 6.2 (2014/05/23)
bullet 6.3.0 Documentation
Contact Information  
bulletTel : 886-4-8511888 ext 4173
bulletOffice : H411
bullet Email : canseco@mail.dyu.edu.tw
bullet Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
bullet Da-Yeh University